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2013-08-12 01:45:26
Alexander, Nikita, yesterday I watched on one of the German TV channels the Opening Ceremony of Athletics World Championship translated from Moscow. How much surprised I was when I saw you, brothers, singing the National Anthem of Russia on the big arena, in front of thousands of people and president Putin! VOW! CONGRATULATIONS! It was gorgeous, GRANDIOSO! Finally your TV bosses & organizers of the show noticed that there are genuine GOLDEN voices in Russia, who really deserve such a high level of performance & representation! I’ve never had a doubt, that you would become world popular one day – and you are moving to this moment very surely. Hope to see you next year on Eurovision, representing Russia (I don’t like this contest at all, but it could be a next step to your broad popularity)… GOOD LUCK, guys !!!
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2013-06-17 23:13:43
Thank you guys for and excellent performance in Estonia the previous weekend!!!:)
One of my best discoveries recently!!

Greetings and all the best! :)
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2013-05-05 06:12:58
Alexander, your performance of „I left my heart in San Francisco“ (uploaded on the Youtube) is magnificent, enchanting! And then again, a lot better than an original (Tony Bennett or Sinatra) – how do you manage to do this ??? In the depth of Google I found another audio-recordings of your performances of the greatest hits, such as: “Quando, quando, quando”, “The shadow of your smile”, “What a wonderful world”, “The last waltz”, “You can leave your hat on”, “Sunny”, “Can’t get away”, “Sway”, “And I wake up” (when you were only 12-13 y.o. – I presume, you wrote it yourself, bravissimo!) I downloaded them on my MP3, listen to them almost all day and I’m not getting bored at all – just on the contrary, the more I listen to you, the more I want to ! Thank you so much for the moments of joy and delight! In my eyes, you’re the 2nd best contemporary male’s voice ever on the planet (after the legendary Elvis, the King) ! There’s also Josh Groban, but I can’t really tell who’s better of you both… Well, Alex you definitely need a good, your own repertoire, and then you can become unbeatable!!!!
Du bist unglaublich begabt und so-o-o geil, aber das weiss du doch selber ! Herzlichen Glückwunsch und liebe Grüsse aus Zürich!
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2013-03-26 14:51:34

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